Planting a Rainbow

Planting a Rainbow Activity

It’s autumn in the UK and we’re planning for Spring in the garden. Last Spring we had so much fun exploring the colours of the flowers so when I picked up Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert I knew that we had to plant some more spring bulbs to add to our colours next year.

Planting a Rainbow

weeding beds with children

The area is very shaded from the over hanging trees so the undergrowth is starting to die back. Our first job was clearing the beds to plant bulbs – with a pair of small gardening gloves J set right into it pulling up the weeds and placing into the bucket for composting.

choosing spring bulbs to plant

It was then time to choose our bulbs – we had picked

  • Alliums – Purple up to 90cm high to plant at the back
  • Dutch Iris – Black up to 45cm we planted in the middle
  • Daffodils – Yellow up to 40cm we dotted around the bed randomly
  • Crocus – Blue up to 20cm planted at the front
  • Tulips – Red up to 45cm planted in the middle
  • Hyacinths – Blue up to 20cm planted towards the front

These will grow at different times over the Spring into summer producing a range of colours in the bed to explore and look at as well as attracting different bugs to pollinate them as well.

planting spring bulbs with kids

We planted each bulb in its own hole that we dug and made sure that it was hairy end down (great way to explain the root structure on the bottom to early preschoolers) and then covered with soil.


As it’s been really dry here we watered in the bulbs and now look forward to what they grow into in the spring and the colours that we can see.

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