Chicken Pie in a pot recipe

Chicken pie in a pot recipe

This is one of our favourite Saturday Night meals – Chicken Pie in a Pot, it’s loosely based on the Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon recipe from Nigella’s Express Cook book but we’ve heavily adapted it for us.


Serves 2

2 [...]

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Toasted pumpkin seeds

Toasted pumpkins seeds are a healthy alternative to peanuts and perfect to make just after Halloween, especially if like us your kids decorated the pumpkins rather than carved them so you still have the seeds inside.

Ingredients for Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds 1 [...]

Simple Sausage Tray Bake

simple sausage tray bake recipe

Getting different dishes into the kids over time can be a challenge and trying to mix something that they like and are willing to eat regularly with new food is one of the things so whilst there is lots of different vegetables in the market we’re trying a simple sausage [...]

Cherry Fruit Scones Recipe

Cherry Fruit Scones Recipe

Being English scones are one of our favourite cakes – I know it’s stereotypical but they are easy to make and do taste delicious. Although none of the kids or my husband will eat cheese scones I do like trying different flavours and these Cherry Scones were a big hit [...]

Fairy and Elf Houses

Well.. with the days slowly getting shorted and the air cooler, many will think “what, the garden, with the kids, now???”…. But there is plenty to do this Autumn in your garden and the great outdoors. One of our favourite activities this time of year, is to build elf houses! [...]

Bug House: How to Build a Bug House

How to build a Bug House

Spring is in the air, but the air is still a little too chilly to be doing any actual planting. Around here, Toronto, Canada, the first official gardening weekend is May 24th. By that date the cold nights are gone and the sunshine is here to stay…we cannot wait. [...]

Planting Pumpkins

Grow your own Halloween Pumpkin

Way back in the Autumn for Halloween we got our pumpkin from the Farm shop near home, opened the top and the kids and I had a very messy morning removing the seeds from it – some we toasted others we dried on the windowsill for a couple [...]

Growing Carrots from Seeds

Growing Carrots from Seeds with Kids - Growing Green Fingered Kids

The garden is warming up and we’ve started planting out in the beds. Some carrots seem a perfect idea as both of my kids will eat them so with 2 varieties – an Early and a Autumn we should be covered throughout the year (we’ll get some more to [...]

Natural Bird Feeder

Natural Bird Feeder

Cranberry Bird Feeder

With winter firmly showing it’s presence it’s so important that we feed our native wildlife and in the UK that means birds. We have a few birds that remain all year round and are frequent garden visitors so creating bird feeding stations [...]

The Carrot Seed – Gardening with Books

The carrot seed was one of the first books featured by the Virtual Book Club for Kids - here's some fun gardening activities that were shared by the participants to bring the book alive

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss is a wonderful book about a little boy planting a carrot seed and watching it grow – as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids it inspired over [...]